comparing two different tables

I have two tables with fully different cols number and name.
But some columns are equal to the other table columns. For example:
Table 1 has these cols: A, B, C, D
Table 2 has these cols: E, F, G
Actually, these relations are valid: A=>F, B=>E
I wanna compare the value of A with F and B with E

Hi @aminfazeli43 ,

You can use the Joiner node.

Join the 2 tables on t1.A = t2.F and t1.B = t2.E. An inner join will show you which of the records from t1 match with t2. A left join will show you the records from t1 that do no match with t2, and a right join will show you the records from t2 that do not match with t1.

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