Comparing variables

So i am extremely new to programs such as Knime and am stuck on an issue for my assignment.

so my assignment is about how the tone in twitter comment sections affect how people view political candidates.
We have 3 types of groups positive, negative and control, where positive were respondents presented with positive comments, negative is the opposite and control group had no comments.

I want to compare the variables so that i f.ex. can see the mean of how trustworthy a group perceived the candidate to be.

Is that possible?

Hi, @gojo

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I think the node group by can help you.

Try it.

Thank you! I will give it a try!

okay so it worked! do you know if its possible to create a box-plot based on this? I tried adding the node but it it just put them in as two different variables on the graph.

Hi @gojo

Here you have several examples that you can explore and try a solution.

You can also explore the forum for more.

Drag and drop the WF on you KNIME canvas and test your needs.

Come back if you can’t get it.

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