Comparison between multiple tables

Hello friends
I have 5 Excel tables (each table in a separate Excel file) that have the same structure and have a product code column (unique information)
I want to compare the product code column of these 5 Excel files through a loop (or something that is possible) and finally find out what was the common value between the tables.
For example, the product code 5255 is common between table a and b, and the value 6446 is common between table c, f, and a, and…

Hello @alex1368,

Can you provide sample data and explain clearly what output is expected…


@alex1368 ,

You can achieve this result by performing an inner join.

Join the tables on the product ID.

If you want to look at all possible combinations of common IDs between tables a simple cascading set of joiners won’t accomplish that. I couldn’t figure out a way to use loops because of the complexity of the combinations. The attached workflow employs a brute force approach. See if this meets your needs.
Comparison Between Multiple Tables.knwf (365.6 KB)