Comparison of performance developement

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working on a comparison for online marketing performance. Every quarter of the year I want to add the performance data of the last quarter. I have an excel file with the data of quarter 1 (Tab Q1) and then I have another excel file with the data of quarter 2 (Tab Q2).
Test-KNIME.xlsx (13.4 KB)



I already worked out a KNIME workflow that separates clicks, impressions, CTR and position of Q1 in single files:

The outcome of it is this:


But now I’m a bit stucked. Do you have an idea how I can add the data of Q2 next to it? It should look like the sheet “clicks” in my example file:


It would be great, if I could have an excel file with different sheets in the same file for clicks, impressions, CTR and position.

Thank you very much in advance.


Very high level (and usually best to implement yourself for learning effect)

  • loop over the sheets (eg q1, q2) - Read Excel sheet names Node → table row to variable loop start
  • column appender loop end (for a Q1, Q2 etc column)
  • Excel sheet appender node for different sheets per topic of interest

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