Compatibility with Keras nodes


I created a new KNIME node in a new plugin from Eclipse IDE using the Node-Extension wizard. I am having issues with the compatibility with the Keras nodes. I need to keep this new node in a different plugin than the existing KNIME Keras plugin. How can I proceed in order to have compatibility with the other Keras nodes?

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Hi @mihais1,

What compatibility are you looking for exactly? You can add a dependency to the org.knime.dl.keras plugin and use the DLKerasNetworkPortObject to use the Keras network ports in your node. Or you can add support for your custom cell type to the Keras Executor and Keras Learner by implementing a DLDataValueToTensorConverter.

What does your new node do?



Hi @bwilhelm,

I’ve created a custom node that is based on the existing Keras node, which includes additional features for model training. The node compiles successfully, but I now can’t connect it with other Keras nodes.
I added the dependency to the org.knime.dl.keras plugin and in the Extensions the port type of org.knime.dl.keras.base.portobjects.DLKerasNetworkPortObject, now I have compatibility only with the DL Python Network nodes.


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