Complicated Counting Problem


I’m very new to Knime, but very expierenced with EXCEL VBA, but I want to go with KNIME.
I have a lot of sheets in my table.
They all look like in the picture, with different numbers in the first row.
The name of the sheet is the date.

I want to have a list for every column (the number in the first row) in that table, with the sum of the count of the letters (grouped by the number in the first row).

Can you follow me?

Hi @hevilp

No, you didn’t attach the screenshot :wink:



Hi @hevilp & welcome to the KNIME forum

Your data doesn’t seem complicated based on the snapshot but still not clear what you need to achieve. Could you please post here what is the expected result ? Thanks.



here is more info.
The sheet name is the date.

Every letter exists only 1 time on 1 date.
I need to know, which part is on which number (KST) on which (and analsys of this, sum etc later)
I shorted this for example:

Thanks @hevilp. It is clear now. Since your data is in different sheets of an Excel file, most probably you would need to use a loop to read all the sheets and then aggregate the data. Can you post here the excel file so that we can help you further ?


Its attached. thank you so much so far. Please remember, it is just an example.
The Columns and rows are infinite in theory
example.xlsx (38.3 KB)

Thanks @hevilp.

The following workflow may be a solution to your question:

It provides the following result based on your data:

Hope it helps.



What the h*ll!!! Thank you. I have to learn how to think in KNIME universe. Thanks so much!


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