Component Configuration View - BLACK divisor

Hi friends

I created a component, and I’m trying to organize the layout in configuration view.
But I don’t know if the case below is normal or strange behavior.


I have this component

With 4 views

In config view

I organize the Layout in this form

When I want to view

I’m getting those black divisor columns

Is this normal?

I restart my Knime and the Black divisor is gone.

(sorry, it was a bug)

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Hi @Felipereis50 -

Thanks for reporting. I actually noticed this behavior on my own system a few days ago - we’ll do some investigation.


I have the same, and I do not get rid of it with a restart.

Hi folks - what version of KNIME AP are you on? This is supposed to have been fixed in 5.2.3, which was released last week.

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Hi Scoot
I’m using 5.2.3

Same here, 5.2.3. But I need to add that another restart of KNIME solved it (for now)

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