Component description is missing


Is there any Rest API available to get description of a component?
I am using GET request to fetch description of a workflow. But Get request to a Component does not provide description.

Follwoing 3 key-value pairs are missing in the response of the GET request to a component:
“author” : “”,
“description” : “”,
“createdOn” : “”


Hi @nithinth7 !
I saw a couple of components uploaded without any descriptions. Just the title.

Have you tried for example with an official KNIME component ? I could be the case that the developer that uploads a component/workflow, doesn’t fill the node description:

So it’s published like this:

Not so sure about the author and createdOn, it should be there, for what I understand you cannot upload anything without an username. Can you share a little bit of what are you trying ?

Hi @eamendola,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I have tried the GET request for a component with description.
When I used the GET request for a workflow, the response condained the field ‘Description’ (with empty string, “”, as value) even though there was no description given to the workflow. For the component, the field itself is missing. I only need the description of the component, author and createdOn is just something I noticed.