Component End throws Timeout Exception


albeit me not having changed anything the component end node all of a sudden throws this error:

ERROR Component Output 3:1432:0:1405:0:2 java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

I am running the latest version of Knime on Windows 11.

Edit: I tracked it down to, what I never through of causing this, the removal of "max-height: 200mm; " from the Advanced Composite View Layout. Re-Adding it for only one, resolved it. Worth to note that another component did not struggle with that.

Edit #2: the ECharts node is the culprit! The issue appeared again after removing max-wight and max-height all together. Removing the ECharts, resolved it.


Again, maybe related to the image generation?

ERROR Component Output 3:1447:0:1405:0:2 java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

During executing

After execution

This causes the interactive view to be inaccessible:

PS: The cause was a missing node in the Composite Layout View. Removing that resolved that particular issue.

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Hi @mwiegand ,

I cannot reproduce the issue. Would you provide me with steps to replicate the problem?

Hi @armingrudd,

I am currently trying to finish the task but in a few other topics I reported intangible issues too. If I find the time to create a workflow which allows to reproduce the issue, I will let you know.


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Hi @armingrudd,

it happened again but this time when there is a text view node that was not placed in the report:

However, after placing the text view node, resetting the component and executing it again, the exception was not resolved. Trying to replicate it failed.


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Hi @mwiegand,

I could reproduce this scenario:

If in a report enabled component which is inside another component, there is a view which is present and active but not included in the layout, the report generation will fail with a timeout.

  1. Create a report enabled component with at least two views (connected to report template creator)
  2. Remove one of the views from the layout
  3. Right click on the component and select “create component” (put the component inside another one)
  4. Execute

Would you let me know if this is the same issue you have?


Yes, that’s it. But there is another scenario as well when a component ID is referenced that doesn’t exist anymore.

Would you send me an example workflow or provide the steps to reproduce please?

I will try. At the moment I have a few other things I want to get sorted like preparing the adventure vacation with my daughter and a few Knime related things you know about too.