Component File Chooser for New files

dear KNIMErs and component experts,

I’m creating a component, which should let me create or update an existing file.
Therefore I inserted a “Local File Browser Configuration”. I want the ability to choose an existing file or to select a path to a new file (non existing). However, inserting a non-existing path leads to a warning…

Local File Browser Configuration 0:23:0:31 No such file:***

The file path is not set as a variable.
How can I achieve that?

Thanks, br


For my purpose I use browser for input file and string input for output file name. It is less convenient as the string input space is pretty small.


hi @izaychik63
Thanks for that hint. I’m looking for a “browse” functionality like what the “Writer” nodes have. These accept the non-existing files. That would be more intuitive.
As workaround, I would try both file picker (existing file) and String Input (creating new file) as you suggest. The component should then try/catch the right one.
Thanks again,

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Hello @tommy,

maybe this discussion helps:

Additionally let’s see if someone else has a better approach and if not what would be the best way/node to implement this.


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