Component lock / protection

I would like to have the ability to lock / protect components. I have seen that this is possible on Server, but would like to have it in the Analytics Platform as well.

In this way one could be sure that components given to other people would work consistently and not be modified / edited.

Hi @ssq

This has recently come up as well. At the moment a server subscription is the only solid method.

I’d open a new topic in the Feedback & Ideas board and potentially will gather enough votes for consideration by the KNIME developers :slight_smile:

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@ssq thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: Question: if the main use-case is to avoid others to modify/edit the component for standardization, would it still be a use-case for the user of the component to look inside and maybe even copy/paste certain parts of the component to a new workflow/component?

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Good question. My first reaction is to close it completely, no read/modify access whatsoever, only execute. However, I see that it would be advantageous to be able to learn from it as well…

But in my use case I would simply close it off completely. How is another matter; could password-protected, access rights (none/execute/read/modify).

This would be the same as the possibility to transform a component into a new KNIME node I could imagine.

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