Component View on Server

Hello everyone,

yesterday we updated our server executor to version 5.2.1.
Now i am able to use the new features and updated views which is very nice.

In my latest workflow i created an “header” (red Box) above my original workflow.

When i view it on my local Knime AP everything is fine and if i upload it on the Server my “header” is missing.

Also in another view with only one Table View nothing is displayed on the server.

I have no ideas left. :confused:

Best regards

Hey Andreas,

great to hear that you were able to update and even better to hear that you are using the new views.
Which server version are you running?


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Hello Daniel,

our Server is in Version 4.16.0 (and now i think here could be the issue).

Also i am a bit struggeling with Report PDF Writer. Using Knime AP local it works great, especially with loops. :yum:
But the Server will write… nothing.

Best Regards

Hey Andreas,

yes the older server version is definitely a problem.
We introduced the reporting for sure later than 4.16.0, if I remember correctly with 4.16.7 or 4.16.8 so it can’t work with versions earlier than those two. If possible I would recommend going to the latest version.

Let me know if that already solves the Problme.