Component will not complete execution

Hi , I have a component that will execute fine on the desktop but does not complete execution on the server even though all the nodes within the component are green. This is stopping the process from moving on as the component itself does not exit and just stays yellow. any ideas?


Hi Werewulf,

Can you please attach the workflow you are attempting to run on the server?

Are there any error messages you are receiving on the server when executing the workflow, or does it just not display what it displays on the local Knime AP?

Can you please ensure that all extensions running in the workflow are also installed on the server?

Can you move all of the nodes out of the component and try running them individually to see where the stop is occurring?

Hi I cannot attach the Workflow as it contains sensitive data , I receive warning messages but no error messages. all extensions are installed on the server , I am running desktop version 4.0.0 and knime server version 4.10.x. There is no stop (red indicator) occurring … all nodes within the component are green but the outer component shell remains yellow

Hi ztrubow, i have found the issue, it was a file reader node that I had placed within sub components that was not connected and remained in a yellow status… I could not see this initially as it was well hidden … apologies for wasting your time



Not a problem! Glad you were able to get it working.