Computing a funtion in KNIME

Dear all,

I would like to compute a function in Knime. Usually I am using the MathFormula knod, but I can not seem to compute this function from origin right: image

Could anybody give me a written version of the function which is usable in Knime? (I can change the variable x later to a counter)

Hi @Tamas -

What software language or software is the Equation defined in? I see mentions of “double”, “pow” and “span” but I don’t recognize the syntax. And generally speaking how do you plan to handle the +/- variabilities?

Dear Scott,

according to my best knowledge Origin is based on ANSI C programming language. I was planning to ignore the variations, that would make the computing significantly easier.


Maybe go with a programming node?

Hi @Tamas,

this is the original formular

A description about this formular you will find in this article Constructing a New Inter-Calibration Method for DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light

In the Math Formular Node I used this formular

And this is my solution

I hope it helps

best regards


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