Concatenate more than 4 tables

Hello everybody

I’m looking for a possibility to concatenate more than four tables. The columns are in each tables exactly the same.

The solution should be a table with the column names and more than 4 rows of data from the tables.

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in KNIME 4.1 you can actually use a single Concatenate node to do this. It now has a little triangle at the bottom left that lets you add more input ports. If you are not on 4.1 yet, you need to use 3 Concatenate nodes, concatenating the tables onto the final result one by one.

If you read the tables from files in a folder, you can also use a List Files node to list the files, followed by a loop that reads them and collects all files using the standard Loop End. An example for that can be found in Workflow Control - Activity II of our KNIME advanced course.
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