I am combining 4 Excel files (formatted identically) into one file. I am using the CONCATENATE node. It is working fine, with one exception. A column (formatted in Excel as a percentage) is being output with an unknown (?) data type. Any recommendations?

Hi @Bob_Nelson , I’ve tried to create this scenario with concatenate and I have managed to do it by putting a non-numeric in the 4th sheet. Can you look at the output tables from each of the sheets individually and see if it shows them all as being numeric, or if one shows as a string

Output from concatenate:

Sheet1… Sheet3…

I suspect there is something not right about at least one row of data in one of your sheets. If still no joy, are you able to update a sample (with any confidential data removed) that exhibits the problem?

Hope that helps

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Thanks. I’m not sure why, but my fourth table had some string data types. I converted these to numbers, and it works no problem. Thanks again!


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