Concatenate table row into one string


I would like to loop through all row in a column and concatenate all row value into a string with a delimiter '-' in between.

Please help



You shouldn't need to loop.

just use the groupby node. Don't group on any column, and instead aggregate on the column of interest, and choose concatenate as the aggregation type. You can change the delimiter in the dialog to - as well. 

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Thanks this is so simple:)

Hello All

I need to concatenate row wise in and get the desired out put in next column, any suggestion on how to do that "GroupBy" can only concat all rows but i need to do that progressively and for all rows above the current row: example below, 

first column is column with data and second column is progressive row wise concatenation

A      A

B      AB

C      ABC

D      ABCD

col1 col2
A 0

rather i need to to like above case


You can do this with the moving aggregation node. use cumulative computation and the option to concatenate strings.

Cheers, Iris


PS: This would be more a new thread as it is very different to this question here. 

Thanks a lot, it worked :-)

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