Concatenate two columns of different sheets


I am new using KNIME, I want to merge or concatenate two columns of different Excel sheets, the columns have the same name.

For example, sheet1 has the columns “ID” and “Name” and sheet2 has the same ones. How can I put the information of sheet2 on sheet1 and in the same columns?

Thank you so much!

What have you tried?

If I’m reading this correctly, you’ll need to read in the Excel sheet names into a table, then use a loop to convert each row to a variable, then configure an Excel Reader node to use the sheet name variable as well as the path to the sheet. A Loop End node will take care of the concatenation.




This is what I need to do:
I have my table and already removed the columns I don’t need. I add a new value column with new information and I need to join the first table with this new one.
Here is an image showing what I have.

I appreciate your help.
Captura de pantalla 2024-06-24 103537

Hi @enriquesr23

Can you upload your workflow, please? I cant guess what is going on with GROUP BY node. Or you can upload you draft data for us.


I already get the answer. I needed two GroupBy nodes to separate the columns then make the change in each one and finally join them.

Thank you so much for your help.