Concatenate vs. Joiner


I was wondering what the difference between the Joiner node and Concatenate node were in terms of compiling data into one table from several different tables all with the same headings.
Why does the joiner output produce blank cells when you filter off duplicate columns on a Full Outer Join?
Thanks in advance.


Concatenate adds rows from the second table to the first table. 


Join adds the columns from the second table to the first table and matches the rows based on the specified comparison. 


A full outer join will include the rows from both tables were no match was possible (where the inner join will only keep those rows that matched). So you will get a series of missing values in the columns for either the left or right tables. 






I think what was confusing me most was their names, I assumed Joiner just joined tables and concatanate joined the cell data in multiple columns in a unique key type way.

Thanks for the help :)

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