Concatenating columns with String Manipulation

So, I’m trying to concatenate 3 columns, but it just giving a hard time!

This is what I am doing:


And this is the error I’m getting:

You can have just one expression, not two as node assumes one output column.
If you need multiple output use Column Expression node (needs to be installed before use).

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Hi @Yodata

@izaychik63 is right, one can only have one expression (whatever the complexity of it) in one single line in the -string Manipulation- node.

Besides this, maybe the problem comes too from the fact that you are trying to concatenate columns that are not of type string. I see in the error a “Double” type.

The solution in this case is to cast the columns before doing a join:

join( string( $column1$), string( $column1$, string( $column3$)


joinSep( "-", string( $column1$), string( $column2$), string( $column3$))

as you prefer. I’m doing it here for all the columns which doesn’t harm but obviously one doesn’t need to do it for those that are already of string type.

Hope it helps.




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