Concatenating Shapefiles

I have a folder with about 50 shape files (all of the same design), and I need to concatenate (not join) them to produce a single file. I tried the shapefile merge node but it did not succeed (and, additionally, is recommended by Knime that it should be “removed”). I was not able to find anything that appeared potentially useful in Nodepit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @RobertJay

Can you prepare us at least 3-4 of the files to test?



Thanks very much - but the forum does not accept uploads of .shp files. If you give me an email address, I’ll gladly attach them…

Hello @RobertJay,

in that case you can add files to data folder inside workflow directory, export workflow and upload it here. Also have seen users changing extension to one which is allowed and then uploading. This requires changing back to .shp extension once files are downloaded.


Hi, thanks very much for your responses. In the interim I found a source of shapefile that did not need any further processing, so please consider this post closed. Thanks again.

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