Concurrent PostgreSQL sessions and autoCommit

I am using the PostgreSQL JDBC (JDBC4) driver to connect to a local installlation with postgresql 9.2.3.

It works quite well reading from the database on multiple threads, but I can only write successfully if I write only to only one Database Writer.  If I try to write to two or more (different tables and everything, I think), then it returns an error complaining about autoCommit settings:


ERROR Database Writer Execute failed: Cannot commit when autoCommit is enabled.

Is there any way to set this to True/False?  It seems like there could be another option that allows this to be set for postgres.




P.S. I wonder if this has anything to do with it:

This could be related to another problem with postgres which we discovered recently. Please check again when KNIME 2.7.2 is out (scheduled this week).

Hi Thor,

This issue is solved in 2.7.2.   Thank for your help!