Conda Environment Propagation node doesn't list any modules


I’m experiencing issue with loading available conda modules into my Conda Environment Propagation node. I want to deploy workflow on a server, where I couldn’t successfully install a Python module so I decided to use this node.
Firstly it didn’t find any available conda environments (even though I was using 1 in KNIME), but I read that I should install another environment that isn’t currently used. I installed another conda instance, but unfortunately this time I can’t see any modules.

Is there someone that maybe experienced the same problem, or anyone would be able to advice something on how to resolve this issue?

@jparcinski welcome to the KNIME community. I think you will have to make sure that Python is also properly installed and configured on the KNIME server as well:

On the target machine, Conda must also be set up and configured in the Preferences of the KNIME Python Integration. If the target machine runs a KNIME Server, you may need to contact your server administrator and/or refer to the server administration guides in order to do this.

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