Condition based nodes

I was performing filtration over data and saving output in different folder but somehow I lost my workflow, filtration is done over half of the files. Now I want to compare the files already exist in output folder and ignore them before running the filtration workflow.

Hi @piyushtaragi,

You can use the List Files/Folders node to list the files in the output folder and the Reference Row Filter node to filter file names if there is list you are reading from.

You may need the String Manipulation node as well to extract the file names. For example, the below expression extracts the file name from the path without the parent folder(s) and the file extension in the name.

regexReplace($Path$, ".*\\\\(.+?)\\..+", "$1")

C:\partent\my-file.xlsx >>> my-file


@piyushtaragi in addition to @armingrudd hints you might want to check these examples how to deal with paths and folders


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