Condition to execute Workflow and update table


I have a Knime project that call 3 workflows (see figure below) how can I make knime check for a certain condition from a previous node (the workflow is executed with succes) , and if that condition is found, proceed the progression of the workflow?
Finaly I want update Oracle table if the project has been successfully completed.
Have you a node which can do this?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi there!

I use Call Local Workflow node and need similar logic so I can share my experience/solution. Call Local Workflow node has an output message that says that the workflow is completed successfully or if not error message is given. I did the logic based on that information to proceed if workflow is successfully completed or to stop otherwise. I used String Manipulation, Rule engine, Table Row to Variable and If Switch nodes. I think Call Remote Workflow node has same/similar output as well.

As well in Node Repository under Workflow Control --> Error Handling you have got some nodes for catching errors so give it a look :wink:


Thanks for your reply.

Can you please join the workflow ? I could not get the error message.


I can not share a workflow but here is a print screen in which you can see output from Call Local Workflow (Row Based) node. Status column is information you need. You can see it is completed.

Hope it helps :wink:


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