Conditional Append Column in KNIME

Hi, I wanted to append conditional in my table through knime. Is there node/workflow to enable this?
for instance:

This is my raw data

Description Total
App Red 6x12 72
App Orange 6x12 72
Grp Red 1x1 1
Bnn Yellow 1x1 1

This is my desired output based on conditional for append column in category and area:

Description Total Category Area
App Red 6x12 72 Apple Box
App Orange 6x12 72 Apple Box
Grp Red 1x1 1 Grape Piece
Bnn Yellow 1x1 1 Banana Piece


Hi there @andersenyunan,

sure there is! You can try Rule Engine in combination with some pre-processing before or Column Expressions node can be a one solution node.


Hi @ipazin
thanks for responding!

Is it also possible to list multiple condition inside? sort of like IFS like in excel for multiple conditional.

Hi @andersenyunan,

yes it is. Take a look at node descriptions. They contain examples. Also you can find example workflows with this nodes on KNIME Hub.


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