Conditional Excel writer loop


I am trying to use the Excel Writer Node to upload several files to several locations based on a database. The idea is that the workflow is looking for a specific name (can be list based or column based) to replace the current version of the Excel file with the information that is in the data base. This process should be performed via loop until all items of my predefined list were executed. The objective of this workflow is to constantly update my different Excel files based on information that were collected by Excel Reader Node (with subfilter and naming convention). Does anyone have an idea for this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help

@sksomess1 welcome to the KNIME forum. I think such a scenario is very possible with KNIME. The point is there would be several nodes you might have to combine. One way to discuss this could be to provide us with sample data that wold best represent your challenge. You could use a local database like H2 to create an example.

Using a list and let a loop work thru the items on it is a very typical task for KNIME. Together with the Excel and Database nodes it should be possible to set it up.


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