conditional mutual information

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I want to explore the correlation relationship between the 3 random variables of the eur/usd data .The random variables are X given Y = 1(profit). I think conditional mutual information is correct approach for this type of correlation.Is there any conditional mutual information function available in Knime?Or is there any alternative way?

Hi @tovim -

Have you tried the Group Mutual Information or Parameter Mutual Information nodes available in the KNIME HCS Tools extension? I haven’t used these before myself, so I don’t know if that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

If those don’t fit the bill, I suspect you would need to use external R or Python libraries within an appropriate Snippet node.

Thank you Scott,
Where can I find the KNIME HCS Tools in Knime Analytics platform?I used search buttons but I am unable find the HCS Tools and Group Mutual Information or Parameter Mutual Information nodes in Knime Analytics platform? Thanks in advance.

Hi there @tovim,

if you can’t find node in Node Repository then you are missing extension which this node is part of (KNIME doesn’t come with all available nodes/Extensions). Extension @ScottF is talking about is KNIME HCS Tools. Once installed all nodes from that extension will appear in Node Repository, including ones you want to try out.

Check here how to install extension:


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