Conditional port for component

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I made a generic component for which i have given two input ports for file reading to connect.
In this component one input is mandatory But i want to make one input port as conditional so that if file is not available the component wont fail.
Is it possible in knime?
Empty table switch wont work in dis scenario.if it is possible please suggest.

Hi @sahil786

It’s a bit challenging to give advice when I don’t know the component and what it’s supposed to do. What would happen to the optional data coming from the second input port within the component?
The only option I could spontaneously think of is to connect an (Empty) Table Creator node to the second component input port (and maybe combine it with some IF switches within the component). At least this allows you to execute the component.

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First flow input data format consist of 3 fields

For scnd flow input data format consist of 2 fields

If data on the second lnput port is not available for the component then component wont even start its execution…

I want to make second port conditional.

Wat changes i cn make inside the component so that it can run successfully even i dont hv secnd file.
Currently it is throwing error that execute the upstream first which I am attaching the screenshot.
Also Attaching the dummy component screenshot.


Hi @sahil786

I’m sorry that there is no way a component will execute when there are two input ports, and you don’t connect any data or table to that port at all. The component needs to have a connection at the second port to function. There is no way around it. Only thing I can think of is to connect it to an empty data table in case there is no actual data table.

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