Conditional Replace Formula

Team - Wonder if someone can point out where I’m going wrong w/this statement - I have a quota table, one record per person per calendar month. I’m trying to write a statement that says if employee_UID = “EK3913” and Comp_month = “MONTH01” then replace employee_UID for “AR”. The problem w/the below formula is it’s changing all the EMPLOYEE UIDS for EK3913 to AR; versus just the one where the UID is EK3913 and the comp_month is Month01.

Would appreciate any input anyone has - I’m sure it’s simple, but I don’t see it.

Thanks - Ryan

if(and(column(“EMPLOYEE_UID”),“EK3913”,(“COMP_MONTH”),“MONTH01”) == true)

I assuem you use Column Expression node
then your formula should probably more sth like this

if(column("airline_sentiment").equals("positive") && 
column("airline").equals("Virgin America"))



Thanks for the help, that worked fine.

Appreciate it - Ryan

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