Conditionally Split dataset into multiple smaller datasets based on a variable change

Sample Data.xlsx (18.0 KB)
Hi All,
I am trying to find a way to split a dataset into multiple smaller chunks, based on several conditions.
Then I want to channel each one of those data subsets into a different output port. Attached is a sample of my input table. What I am trying to do is group sequentially all of the MACH responses in the “Change” column that are between the Op response in the “Change” column. Is there a node or some sample available to reference?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do.

Where is the variable that you mention in the title of the post? What are the several conditions?

If you simply want to split the rows which contain “MACH” into a separate table, then a Row Splitter node will do this.

It would be helpful if you provided a sample of the result you’re aiming for.

Sample Data_Update.xlsx (26.9 KB) Sorry I may not be describing the conditions I need to correctly as I am just a beginner. I have attached an updated data file describing what I would like to do. Row splitter won’t do what is expected because I do not want to just group all rows with “MACH” I want to have multiple subsets of the rows which have “MACH”.

Example: If the Change column has a row that contains “Op” and then the next 5 rows contain “MACH” followed by a row that has “Op” I want to create a new data subset for those 5 rows that contain “MACH”. Each time there is a row that has “Op” with the following rows that have “MACH” then the next occurrence of a row with “Op” I want to create a subset of data. The # of rows between “Op” occurring and “MACH” and then “Op” again is not static.

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