Config excel reader from sharepoint connector

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to configure this node without success.

I can successfully logon into my organization via Microsoft Authentication node


In the SharePoint Online connector I fill the URL with the group Sharepoint and in the Working Directory my personal folder

Until this point everything seems fine but then in the Excel Reader, the file can’t be read. I try too with List File but same error.

Plz help me!

Maybe this post is helpful?

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Thx for ur help, but my problem is neither in the authentication nor the connector, but in the excel reader

Hi @GerardoMujica ,
You just try no enter address of “Folder” ,only need click “Browser” shoued be ok.

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The screenshot shows a list files nodes which expects a folder, however your input is a file and the error states the path is not a folder. Based on this information it is very hard to understand what your actual problem is.

As @Banksy said try browsing to enter the file name and if this does not help please send a screenshot of the actual error.


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@Mark_Ortmann and @Banksy thx so much for ur help and time :slight_smile:

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