Config Sharepoint Online connector

Hi all,
Can i know how to config Sharepoint online connector node with Microsoft Anthentication node

Thank You in advance

Rohit Challa

Hi @Challa_Rohit and welcome to the forum.

Have you seen this example workflow on the Hub?

There’s also this workflow, which we’re working on writing a blog post about:

Maybe that will get you started? But if you have specific questions please ask. :slight_smile:


Hi ScottF,

Thank you for repIying :slight_smile: , Actually I am Beginnner to this tool so I want to Setup data collection b\w sharePoint and Knime so i want to know certain steps to setup node Config we have tab i want to know how to config Capture

Thank in advance

These inputs are described in the description pane for the node. You can also review them on the Hub here (click Options and then Settings to get the documentation for what all of the above options in the dialog mean):

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