Config Sharepoint Online connector

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to configure this node without success.

I can successfully logon into my organization via Microsoft Authentication node:


In the SharePoint Online connector I fill the URL with the group Sharepoint and in the Working Directory my personal folder:

Until this point everything seems fine but then in the Excel Reader, the file can’t be read:

This is the file path (it can be opened in a browser):


What is wrong?



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Hi @bermq,

i think the / at the beginning of your working dir link looks strange. Does it work when you remove it?


instead of

also not sure if you need the whole link… maybe you could try the sharepoint folder link e.g. site/yourSPSite/shared documents/…
At least that would be the dir structure I would expect :thinking:
Could you maybe try




followed by an list files node - and see if it works on that folder?


Yes, the / at the begin is a typo, and yes, without it works in a browser.

I have followed your suggestion:

But I have still this error:

Hi @bermq,

if you replace the Excel Reader node with a list files node which also points to


what error do you get?

It says it doesn’t exist:

Hi @bermq,

could you show me how the path is displayed in sharepoint itself?

E.g. if I want select the following example file from my SharePoint:
SharePoint name = BFM_Test
In the path Dokumente/General/New
(the default folder shared documents is just autotranslated in sharepoint)


I would use the following path in the list files node:
/BFM_Test/Shared Documents/General/New

or in the Excel Reader Node:
/BFM_Test/Shared Documents/General/New/Example.xlsx

Path syntax: Paths for SharePoint are specified with a UNIX-like syntax, /mylibrary/myfolder/myfile. An absolute for SharePoint consists of:

  1. A leading slash ("/").
  2. Followed by the name of a document library (“mylibrary” in the above example), followed by a slash.
  3. Followed by the path to the file (“myfolder/myfile” in the above example).

->what do you see in your sharepoint if you navigate to the folder where I see:

*cannot check how I did it with the KNIME node at the moment but I think that was the path that I used (hope it helps anyways) :see_no_evil:

If the above still does not work try the root path as explained in the description:

  The default working directory is the virtual root "/", under which all the document libraries are located.

Thank you so much, I was referring to the file link but I had to look at the SharePoint path itself.


great that it worked! :slight_smile:


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