Configurate doesn´t work on String Manipulation for Flow Variable

Hello There at my last post I didn´t explain it so detailly, sorry for it. It´s about my graduation thesis so , I am a bit nervous. So , I have many rows which they are code strings and theese code strings made up by many three digit blocks. Example for a code string ;

A0B A1C B1A B3Z C4R U2G … goes like that and that is 1 row = 1 code string , I have many of it

Now I want to remove all U2G from all code strings (rows) and I don´t want to do it manully configurate at String Manupilation. Cause Of it I want to attend variable to do it for me. For that my variable needs to come from “Table Row to Variable” and variable name is “Codename Clear”. Then on my “String Manupilation” Node I configurate as I did on screenshot. ( I want to remove all U2G btw , I´m okey with replace command however It doesnt work with variable or I did something wrong on script) Does anyone have any idea/command/advice for it ? Its a bit urgent and I can elaborate it If it`s not clear. Thank you in advance


Screenshot 2023-07-27 153710

you are trying to replace the string"$${SCodename clear}$$" instead of value behind $${SCodename clear}$$, which means that the node is looking for the string "$${SCodename clear}$$".

So what you have to do is: replace($Code (String)$, $${SCodename clear}$$, "") which translates to: replace($Code (String)$, "U2G", "").



Hey Alex Sorry for late reply but I want to make it with variable (Automatic) I know I can write U2G however I have many loops like that . How can I did it attending a variable ?

Hey @timomuller99,
all you have to do is write replace($Code (String)$, $${SCodename clear}$$, "") ( no quotes around the $${SCodename clear}$$) in the String Manipulator. This will replace the value of whatever is stored in the flow variable called Codename clear with an empty string.

If you also want to change the value of the Codename clear variable, take a look into the String Manipulator (variable) node.



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