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Haven’t found something similar on the forum so I thought I’d ask.
I have a component that hides some parts of the dialog when a choice on the same dialog has been made.

Let’s say I have a radio button of choosing what to configure, y or x.

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If y is chosen, i want to hide x from the dialog. The contrary if x is chosen - hide y.
The problem I have is that to hide or unhide, I’ll need to hit ok and open the dialog again.

Is there a way to refresh the dialog without having to open-close?

@vasichar11 that should be a task for the:

My take on the use of Refresh Button you can see here:


that is interesting but is only for composite views and not for the configuration dialog

@vasichar11 I do not think there is an option for the configuration dialog.

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Hi @vasichar11 , I’m curious about your use case…

I mean, usually, it’s the action of clicking OK that confirms the user’s decision, isn’t it? What if the user clicks the radio button x by mistake and wanted to click y instead? Hiding the unselected one on click is quite restrictive.

If you really want to do what you’re trying to do, I wonder if the Generic JavaScript View node could help. You could add an onClick event there that would hide the unselected one.

I’d still like to understand what you are trying to do though.

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In conventional GUIs when you click one option the whole thing is refreshed and adapted on your choices, so I thought there could be an option to refresh when action is made also in these configuration dialogs.
Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

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