Configuration error with the new Selenium recording player node

Hello! I am very exited with the new selenium nodes by the Knime team. Nevertheless, I am not able to execute the Selenium recording player node. After introducing the path and the name that asks the configuration, returns to me immediately the following error:

Configure failed (PythonNodeRuntimeException): ‘accessor’

What can be de cause? If someone is able to make it run, can show me an example?

Hi @AleixMatabacas,

Welcome to the KNIME forum!

It looks like you have run into a bug, I can reproduce it on my machine as well. We’ll fix it ASAP and let you know when you can update the “Web Interaction” extension. Stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience.



Hey @AleixMatabacas,

KNIME AP should offer you an update for the KNIME Web Interaction (Labs) extension. The issue should be fixed, I can use the Selenium Recording Player node fine now.
Would you please try again and confirm whether it is fixed?



Hello @carstenhaubold, sorry for the delay in my response, I was on vacation.

I updated KNIME Web Interaction (Labs) extension and now I am able to execute the Selenium recording player node.

Nevertheless, the behaviour is not yet perfect. I create and script using the selenium IDE and works, but when I run it trough knime a floating window disappears immediately after it appears which blocks the script because the next xpath is not found.

I suppose is an error of the node? Or maybe some kind of hardcoded limitation over floating windows?

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