Configuration nodes in nested Components

Dear Knimers,

In Knime 4, one can enter values into Configuration nodes by double-clicking the Component node (formerly Wrapped Metanode) in which they are located. However, when the Configuration nodes are nested “2 levels deep” (a Configuration node inside a Component that is inside a Component) this is no longer possible; Knime does not “see” the deeper Configuration nodes. Is there any other solution for this apart from moving the Configuration node out of the lowest level Component?


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Hi Aswin,

indeed, Configuration settings to not propagate upwards in the nested structure. There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Move the Configuration node out of the lowest level Component. This will work in some cases, but in my view this can not be a general solution as in other cases one wants to use a public component inside and opening it up and changing can bring all sorts of undesired effects.
  2. Duplicate the configuration of the low-level component in the top-level component and then use those flow variable values to set up the low-level component via Flow Variables tab

Side note: Widget views do propagate upstream in the nested component structure, but that does not help if you want to use the configuration dialog (or set up via flow variables).



Thank you for your suggestions Mischa, I am going to try option 2!

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