Configuration option not visible while using string configuration node

Hi Knime,
I have a string configuration node at the start of my workflow, so that I can pass a string value while executing my workflow.

I have two different knime versions installed on my machine.


In my second knime version I can see configuration option while executing the workflow, where as I am not able to see in the first version of knime. One difference which I observe is that the build for the first version is Oct 01,2019 and for second verison, its Aug 26, 2020.

Can someone can please help me to understand this difference ?

Thank you

Hi @ShinagdeS

The option to configure configuration nodes via jobs came in KNIME 4.1/KNIME Server 4.10. This option will not appear to you in older KNIME versions, like your 4.0

Best wishes,


Thank you for confirming @ana_ved

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