Configuration vs widget nodes

After upgrading to knime 4.0, I’m struggling to understand the difference between configuration nodes and widget nodes, I.e. column filter configuration vs column filter widget.
Could someone elaborate please as I can’t find any documentation about these.
Thanks, Simon.

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Hi @richards99,

The Column Filter Widget allows you to apply the settings via the interactive view of the components (when you right click and select “Execute and Open Views” or “Interactive View:…”) while the Column Filter Configuration provides the settings in the configuration window of the components (when you right click and select “Configure…”).

You use the widget nodes to make it possible for WebPortal users to change the default settings of the nodes inside the components but the configuration nodes let KNIME AP users to change the settings of the component inner nodes via the configuration window of the components.



Thanks so much for the quick response. That’s very useful. Simon.


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