Configure failed (NullPointerException): null in Parameter Optimization Loop when from and to values are identical

Hi everybody,

I am trying to create a Parameter Optimization Loop where the from and to values of a parameter inside the Loop Start Node are set by a loop variable.

In general this works like a charm, i am having the problem that some of the from & to values are identical (for example from = 100, to = 100) whenever these values are the same, i get the error message mentioned in the Title.

Is there a way to let the parameter optimization loop run with identical from & to values?
If not, is there a way to still pass the from and to values inside the Parameter optimization loop?

Best regards and thank you all in advance!

One finding is that the error only pops up when using the Hillclimbing algorythm, if you use any other method, the loop works.

Is it still possible to somehow use the hillclimbing algorythm when the from and to values are the same?

Best regards

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