Configure-method for multiple nodes


I have a simple question: If I reset a whole workflow, would the configure methods of all nodes be divided to multiple threads or is only a single thread executing it?

I need to know that, as I want to access a singleton from the configure-method and I need to know, whether I need to take care of locking/unlocking certain methods to ensure that only one threads accesses it at a certain time.


I believe each node will be run in it's own thread. But connected nodes run in sequence. Do you have diconnected nodes alterting the configuration/execution of each other?

My nodes only have the same "parent"-node. So they are only indepent from it configuration/execution state.

Additionally, I have two independent groups (means two "parent"-nodes with the same amount of independet children - see screenshot). Anyhow, I got the impression, that the configuration of all children runs in the same thread.

My impression was that all connected nodes are run in sequence but branches can run in parallel. So in that example Node 2 and Node 7 may configure at the same time but Node 5 won't configure until after Node 2. 

But this may not be true, I just stuck some debug output printing the thread ID on two of my nodes that are branched. They both report that are running in Thread 1 - Main.