configuring python extension - anaconda

What i cant understand is how do I name the file.
like py35 etc.
This is the code that I am using
But i dont see how i could save a .bat file with a name py35 using this code.
@REM Adapt the directory in the PATH to your system
@SET PATH=C:\Users\ADARSH\Anaconda3\Scripts;%PATH%
@CALL activate py35_knime || ECHO Activating py35_knime failed
@python %*

P.S - not a coder, so do bear with my juvenile questions
Please do help me out

You might just use a text editor like notepad or TextEdit (on a Mac), copy the text there and save it just replacing the extension .txt with .bat

From my experience you might as well let the Anaconda Navigator handle the creation of the KNIME specific environment like we have discussed here:

Would be interesting to get your feedback especially as a beginner if this is feasible to do and you are able to activate it within KNIME. It might be very different on various systems with varying privileges. (1.0 KB)