Configuring wildcard and dictionary tagger

Hi - 

I am new to KNIME, and I was hoping you might explain which nodes are needed to pass through the wildcard tagger. 

I succeeded at passing a document through as input, but I this takes two input values:


  • The input table containing the documents to tag.


  • The input table containing the string column with the expression to match with.

Which node do I use to define my regular expression? Is this the same node used to define the dictionary tagger input?




Hi Kady,

the Wildcard Tagger (as well as the Dictionary Tagger) needs to inputs. One input table contains the documents to tag and the other input represents the dictionary to tag with. The Wildcard Tagger is a Dictionary Tagger as well but it can handle wildcards and regular expressions in the dictionary. To anser your question: Yes, you can use the same nodes you are using to define the dictionary tagger input.

To read your dictionary you can use the File Reader node, if you have a file containing the dictionary words. Or you can use the Table Creator node, if you want to create a dictionary data table manually.

Cheers, Kilian

is their any option in KNIME  to tag a sentence