Configuring Workflow to Output csv via WebPortal

I am having difficulty getting this workflow to execute and produce a csv for the end consumer. I can run it via the webportal, however there is no output. I have referenced the example of the model deployment dashboard workflow, but I get an error that doesn’t allow me to see the final configuration. Am I on the right path with the image below?


Hi @Blas,

you have to put the file download node in a wrapped metanode (like with your “User inputs”)
Also what error do you get? The database reader is not connected to a db connection yet which most likely will fail

Beside these two points it looks okay from the screenshot

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Ok, good to know. The DB reader is a legacy reader where the connection and credentials are all contained within the node. I’ve run it locally without issue aside from the file download piece.

When I run it in webportal, I get a success message but no actual output, just a blank screen.

I will try the wrapped metanode approach tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion.

Hi @Blas,

if you only get a blank page without an error - then the wrapped metanode should fix the problem :+1:t4:

Does an output need to be specified somewhere? I have wrapped the file download node (legacy) and the file download widget as components and metanodes and still get a blank screen upon executing.

Hi @Blas,

i’ll create an example workflow in the evening which works (at least on my webportal :))

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Hi @Blas ,

attached the example workflow.
It has the legacy node as well as the new widget.

Creates the file \tmp\test.csv

And then references the file in the download nodes


KNIME_project.knwf (21.8 KB)


Arrggghhh…I was missing the path to string variable and then passing that along to the file download. I will try this out shortly. Thank you VERY much for taking the time to put together this example!


no problem - hope it works :slight_smile:
In the new widget you can use the path variable directly :+1:t4:

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