Conflict handling in Merge Variables node


I am using AP 4.5.2.

While trying to merge variables from multiple ports, I read in the node description that “the standard conflict handling is applied: Top most inputs take priority and define the value of a variable”. I understood this as the variables in the higher input ports take precedence over the lower ones.

I have similarly-named variables in my second and third input ports to the Merge Variables node (variables “to”, subject" and “text”) and was expecting that the second input port values would take precedence over the third. However, I realised that the values in the third input values were in the output instead. Is this a bug? Thank you.

Second input port (user input):

Third input port (used to populate default values):

Final output port:

Reference workflow:
Bug_Merge_Variables.knwf (15.7 KB)

Hi @tjmj,

thank you for pointing this out and for sharing the reference workflow!

This indeed looks like a bug and I will create a ticket for this.

Thank you

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