Confusion Matrix- Meaning of the Question marks

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attached you will find my confusion matrix. I have understand that there are questions marks in the column Accuracy and Cohen’s Kappa but…

  1. …why there are question marks in the last rows, for example “Schließfach” or “Dauerauftrag”.

  2. …why is in the row “Termine” not all values (Precision), Recall and sensitivity 0 and Specificity 1.

  3. …What is the difference betweeen Recall and sensitivity?

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Hi Canan,

1: The categories where all values are missing were not predicted, so the accuracy measures can’t be computed. For example, Recall is TruePositives/(TruePositives+FalseNegatives). In case of “Schließfach”, that’s 0/(0+0) which is undefined.

2: Same for “Termine” and Precision. Precision is TruePositives/(TruePositives+FalsePositives), which again is undefined. Note that for Termine, Recall could acutally be computed.

3: There is none, both measures have the same formula. We list both to make sure people find what they need no matter which term they are familiar with.

Hope that helps!


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Hey Roland,

wooow thank you very much…Your answer helps me a lot. :slight_smile:

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