Connect a python script with a list of keywords

hi all!
I’m trying to query keywords on Googletrends with a python script. Within the script it is unfortunately limited to 5 keywords. Now I wanted to do a batch processing with Knime. But fail miserably.

Here are a few failed attempts:

Googletrends_Python.knwf (28.6 KB)

the task: query keyword, put data in column, query next keyword, put again in same table in column and so on.

what could a solution look like?

many greetings

Hi @sabsab,
you should act with flow variables just like the default’s values,
in the single python script node, you used the keyword as a list so
you should enter the same way during the loop:

kw_list =[flow_variables['column1']]



Super Sajjad, it works!

thanks a lot, Bernd

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