Connect component to next node?

For reusability, I created an Oracle Connector (configured with host, port and user credentials) and converted it to a component. But now I see no possibility to connect it to a next node, let’s say DB Table Selector? It has no outport?
I already tried to add an outport of type ‘Database Connection’ and ‘DB Session’, but this does not work.
The Oracle Connector itself (before turning it into a component) works fine.
Thanks for some help.

Hi @lindea,

The Oracle Connector connects to the Data Port “DB Session”. Does that work for you?
connect Oracle Connector

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I tried with DB Session, but no luck. However, during my tests, I stumbled onto something strange: when I make a component of the Oracle Connection while a DB Table Selector is already attached (even unconfigured), it does create the component with a correct output port! (DB Session indeed) and then I can share and re-use the component correctly.
When I create the component without a DB Table Selector attached, it is created without output port. When I ‘Setup’ the component, and add a DB Session output port, it does not work. ‘Contains an unconnected node’ is the error when executing.
Is this normal behavior?
Anyway, I can live with the workaround.

Doesn’t sound right, but I don’t really have a whole lot of experience with DB nodes. Maybe someone else knows what’s going on, from the team perhaps?

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Hi @lindea,
Do you have a small example workflow with this problem?
(Are you using KNIME 4.5?)
Never had this issue with my db components :thinking:

Are you using variables which might be “blocked” by the component for ensuing nodes?

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Yes, using KNIME 4.5. I don’t have a workflow. it is really the very first step in my workflow.
But below is a snapshot: 2 components, both derived from an identical Oracle Connector node, 1 created while (an unconfigured) Table Selector attached.
c1 was edited to add a DB Session outport, and is faulty (Contains an unconnected node (“Component output 3:5:0:4”))
c2 is OK, (no need to explicitly add the outport) also when shared and re-used.

No, not using vars at all

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