connect prestoDB with KNIME

Is it possible to connect PrestDB to KNIME. I have tried but couldn’t able to.

Hi @analytics_sharma , can you share what you have tried so far?

I don’t think there is a Knime PrestoDB Connector, but usually if there is a driver to establish the connection to a DB, you should be able to use Knime’s generic DB Connector node and load the driver. Is that what you have done?

EDIT: You can find the JDBC drivers here:

To add the driver to Knime:
Download it and save it locally.
Then go to your Knime preferences, in the Databases section, and click on Add:

You will get a popup. Just fill out the ID and Name, and add the jar file that you downloaded.
Also, click on the Find driver classes, then click OK:

Then click on Apply and Close.

You should now be able to use this driver within the DB Connector

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We successfully connect to Presto all the time using the generic DB Connector (JDBC).
Appending to Bruno’s reply above, here’s our JDBC driver configuration:

Hi @RReddert_Fusion and @bruno29a ,

I am able to connect Presto using generic DB connector but when I run “DB Reader” , every time I get the error-"Connection is in auto- commit mode.
This error is only for Presto Connection , for other connections like Hive and Oracle, I am successfully read the data.

Attaching the screenshot of the flow and console error

Any help would be much appreciated.

Anyone can help on this error?

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